20 August 2008.

27 weeks, 1 day

I started my internship in YAS yesterday. It is so incredibly awesomely awesome. I love it there. What I don’t like about it is my internship coordinator, who told me that I was supposed to stay in her classroom during second and third on Monday and second on Tuesday. Both days, I stayed during second, but not for third. Today, I didn’t even stay for second, because the paper that she gave us said that interns only have to stay with her Monday and Tuesday (it says nothing about my staying for third), except the hospital interns, who have to stay all week. From now on, unless I am forced, I will not go see her unless I have something to turn in or for the meeting times that she listed on one of the papers.

On a happier note, Mari made one of my intern tasks making a new display for YAS. Right now it is “Great Summer Reads,” but it’s not summer anymore, so I have to change it to something else, but I have no idea what to make it.  I still love it here. Mari says that she can take me to meetings because I am an intern. Fun!!!!!


~ by Alida on 20 August 2008.

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