26 August 2008.

29 Weeks

So, two of three my college classes started yesterday. I liked Intro to Fiction and the teacher. When I went to Tech Report Writing, I just didn’t really like it and it won’t ever be really useful to me, so this morning, my parents picked me up from high school and took me to my college and I dropped Tech Report Writing and added Intermed Expository Writing in its place. I had to change my internship schedule for the second time because I now have a class Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Luckily, I was added to the class about half an hour before it started, so I didn’t miss anything. I now have both college and high school every week day, which kind of sucks, but I like my writing teacher now. His name is Ernie. How can you not love a guy whose name is Ernie?

So, school has been in session for seven or two days, depending on which you’re referring to and I am not yet behind on homework. In fact, I’m way ahead in my internship class. I have yet to have homework in French and I have a short reading due tomorrow, which actually sounds interesting, so I don’t think that I will dislike it.


~ by Alida on 26 August 2008.

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