10 September 2008

31 Weeks, 1 day

I’m glad that I dropped Tech Report Writing for Intermediate Expository Writing. I like the teacher and the class a lot better. We had to do peer review yesterday, which to me is usually only preferred to getting punched in the mouth, but our teacher put us in groups of three and had each person in the group read his or hers out loud and then the group discussed possible changes. I liked this because I did not have to watch the others as they were reading my paper. The other two girls didn’t really seem interested in giving input. They just said, “Wow. That was good.” made one comment on how I can improve, and then played with their cell phones. I noticed more to change about my paper than they did. I feel kind of bad because I wrote all over their papers.

I need something to distract me during the day, so that I don’t have huge blocks of free time between classes, like I do know, so I’m trying to get a job. I got an application this morning to tutor, which would be great because I’m already here most of the day and I like to help people.

I feel like it has been too long since I have posted a video in this blog, so I was searching the back of my brain to find the perfect video when I remembered a commercial that I made earlier this year.

Note: There are six calculators on the table and yes, I did get an A- and it was my lowest grade. In addition to tutoring this year, I may end up doing homework help.


~ by Alida on 10 September 2008.

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