35 weeks, 2 days

I don’t think that many people read my blog, and that most of those who do read are people who actually know me and only read it because I told them to read it. Therefore, most of the people who read my blog (at this point, I think that about ten distinct people have read it at some point and about two came back for a second visit) know me. And those who know me know that I am a full-time student (part-time high school, part-time college) who absolutely HATES school. I seriously do. I haven’t liked school in a very long time. If I had another way to reach my dream of being a librarian that did not involve getting a bachelor’s first, I would do it. I still have no idea what I am going to get a bachelor’s in. My mother wants me to get a General Studies degree and get a few minors, which is what she has. I am trying very hard to separate what I want for me and what my mother wants for me, so I don’t think that I will be getting a General Studies degree. I know that I like to write, but I also know that writing tends to be the subject in which I procrastinate the most, I don’t think that a writing degree would be good. I know that literature is completely out of the question, as is history, two of the most popular degrees for library school students to have.

I made a list of possibilities a while back.

The ones that I remember are:





There may have been more, but I don’t remember them at all.

I should go and see my adviser about this, but I still have a while to decide and I don’t want to add another thing to my list of things to do. Right now, I want to focus on catching up in and passing all four of my classes. Anyone who has any ideas, particularly those who know me, please speak up.


~ by Alida on 9 October 2008.

4 Responses to “School”

  1. stop beeing so negative 😉
    be haaaappy… 😛 (take it from another nerd)


  2. I don’t really know you, I found you while killing time on the internet using the “random” button on the WordPress site, but I have faced the same college dilemma. Not that I would be your best advisor, having changed majors more times than semesters I have attended college (at least it seems that way!), but I would think that Philosophy would be quite intriguing and certainly useful in future library adventures. You could always do what I’m sure everyone else will say, and meet with a college counselor, but what’s the fun in that?!

  3. Thanks, thetifferz. I’ll consider that. Please, feel free to continue to read and comment. Any future advice is welcome.

  4. Philosophy is good.
    I find that a lot of the librarians I know (and I know a lot) have an english degree or something similiar,

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