22 October 2008

37 weeks, 1 day

So, it’s been a while since I posted. I actually had to look back and count up the days. So, a few days ago, on my Facebook account, I confessed to all of my non-family friends what the count at the end of each post means. I’m not quite ready to tell the world, but this was a step in the right direction for me. Everyone who has responded to it has been supportive.

On Sunday, we had a baby shower for my sister, who says that she is leaning toward the name Henry for baby Jayne. She got a lot of really nice gifts and everyone had a wonderful time.

I babysat on Monday and then again this morning. She was so sweet. Her mom had a dental appointment today and so she just took us with her to her dentist’s office. Ella was a hit. She said “hi” to everyone who came in.

My mother has loosened her reign over me and has said that if I want to go somewhere, all I have to do is tell her that I’m going and it’s okay. So last night, I went to midnight drop-in with Art. We ate at Subway before we went, which is good because I was starving and I wanted food. No one from the dorms except Corbin came, but Art helped me figure out which classes I’m taking in the spring, which apparently counts, so I used drop-in tutoring for the first time last night.

I also will be using it probably next week. Art’s helping me write a poem for the annual poetry contest at the library. I got second place in 2005 for a poem I wrote when I was 12. That poem was a fluke. I really don’t know where it came from. I was just sitting in my room one day and it came to me. I still have the original copy and there is absolutely no editing. I just wrote it and didn’t touch it again until I submitted it.

Now, for the classes that I am taking in the spring. I am taking Creative Writing Fiction and Writing Center Theory and Practice. So far, all of the college classes that I have taken have been either English or Math. Hopefully that will change this summer. I plan to take Intro to Philosophy and Elementary Psychology with Art. Art is also taking Creative Writing in the Spring, both Fiction and Poetry. It’ll be nice to be in a class with him because if I need help, he knows without my having to explain what the assignment is. Plus, we can share any textbooks. He already has the book for Elementary Psychology.

As always, I’m hoping for a good outcome.


~ by Alida on 22 October 2008.

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