23 October 2008.

37 weeks, 2 days

So, I think that I have figured out what I am going to major in. This may seem crazy to do, but even though I have yet to take a single Philosophy class, I think that I am going to major in Philosophy, with minors in Anthropology and possibly French and Creative writing. I actually spent part of my French class today figuring out every class that I’ll need to take. The best part about it is that every class, except Calculus, that I have taken so far applies to it in some way, so I have not wasted too much of my life. I needed the Calculus to graduate high school anyway, so it’s okay. I think that it would be cool to do. I’m not at all interested in being an English or History major and it’s really important to me that I get a bachelor’s that is not English or History, because those seem to be the two most popular among librarians and I want to stand out.

If anyone out there knows someone who’s a Philosophy major, or just really likes Philosophy, any advice is welcome. I only know what I have read about Philosophy, which isn’t that much. I feel confident that I can do it even if I don’t like it; I just won’t do as well. Who knows? I might even change my mind about my career path.


~ by Alida on 23 October 2008.

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