19 November 2008.

I have taken a vow. I will no longer let the fear of going home keep me from enjoying the times when I’m not there. I will do my fare share and maybve a little more at my house. I will do my best to keep on good terms with my parents. And I am done with being afraid to open my front door for fear of what awaits me on the other side.

Sometimes, when I’m doing something, I’ll be okay, okay, okay, and then out of no where, a wave of sadness comes over me and I don’t know why even. It happens when I’ve had really good days. It’s a little disturing, actually. I don’t like confrontation, but sometimes I think that it’s necessary. People who know me say that I should get out and do more social things with my friends. Great. Invite me or say yes when I invite you. Don’t say I need to get out more and then say, “Well, I meant for you to go out with someone else. I don’t want to spend time with you.”


~ by Alida on 19 November 2008.

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