30 November 2008.

I had the most amazing time yesterday. I woke up at like 10:30 and I got some things done around the house. After a few phone calls and a lot of confusion, I ended up at the mall at about 1:10. The hunt was on. It took me and Art until 1:55 Billy, who had been at the mall since 12:30. Poor guy. We were supposed to meet Sadie at Barnes and Noble at 2, but she wasn’t there. She didn’t actually get to the mall until 3. We went directly from there to Crazy Pinz to bowl with the youth group. I lost to a bunch of kids. I got 15 and went six straight frames without hitting a single pin. From there, we went over to Greg’s where we had dinner and played Rock Band. Billy and Sadie left at 8,  but Art and I were there until nearly two in the morning. It was amazing. I finally convinced Greg to play with me and he’s really good at it. He didn’t like drums and he refused to sing, but he liked the bass. I played Guitar Hero for the first time and I played Through Fire and Flames on easy and I passed. I tried it on normal and I failed, but to my credit, I was really tired at that point. We left at two, but I didn’t fall asleep until about 4:30 and I still got up at 8 to go to church this morning.

On a less exciting note, Art may have given me, Billy, and maybe Sadie the flu. I just hope that my family doesn’t decide to go see Henry while I’m still sick, because I don’t want to infect a newborn, but I would still like to see him.


~ by Alida on 30 November 2008.

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