I passed my classes!!!!

Yay. I went to my school’s site just now and I found out that I passed both of my classes. I’m really releaved. I left half of both finals blank. I so blew off both of those classes. I’m really grateful that I even passed. My average is still high enough for me to remain eligible, which was my goal by the time I got to finals week. I missed almost all of the last two weeks and I didn’t have my books to study from while I was out of town, so Cs are fantastic.I never thought that I would be happy with Cs. If I got a C in one of my high school classes, I probably would have cried. It still sucks that I got a C in Stat 125, but I could have done worse. I really deserved the C, so I have no hard feelings. In Intro to Fiction, I didn’t even earn a C, but I think that it was impossible to fail the class.


~ by Alida on 24 December 2008.

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