School’s Almost Out

I only have six more days of high school left. It’s pretty cool. I can’t wait for it all to be over. I’ve pretty much passed everyhing already. I have the highest grade in my economics class. I have a big assignment due Thursday and two tests and that’s really all that’s left.

I’m lucky in a lot of ways. I have a lot of support from many of my friends. I have a few of the kind of friendship that I have wanted since childhood. I have turned into a very different person from the one I used to be.

Some of my friends have been particularly amazing these past few weeks, with everything that’s been going on.

Other than that, in intership, I have to be evaluated, and I have a few small assignments to do. As part of the end of the program, I must take my mentor out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And it’s all on me. Now, this is really funny to me, becuase I have known Ian for years.  I have never actually eaten with him before. I have eaten with a few of the other librarians, but never Ian. I’m not quite sure where we’re going to go or how this is going to turn out. But I’m hoping for the best.


~ by Alida on 26 May 2009.

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