Movie Review #1: Friday the 13th

So, I gotta say. This was the first horror movie to scare me. I was more than relieved when the credits rolled and I was able to get up and turn off the lights. When I got up, I found that THE DOOR WAS UNLOCKED THE WHOLE TIME!!!!

So, yeah, watching it with sound definitely made it scarier. ki ki ki ma ma ma, ki ki ki ma ma ma. That sound scared me.

So, I am obsessed with movie trivia. So, after watching this, I went online and read the trivia. In reading this, I found that they cannot claim that no animals were harmed in the making of this film, as the snake that they kill in the movie was killed in real life.

So, I had heard a lot about this movie. But I was pleased to find that there was still a lot for me to see in this movie.

A few things I must say:

If a camp’s nickname involves the word, “Blood,” don’t go there. Don’t get within 10 miles of that place. It’s just common sense, folks.

I’m glad I never went to camp.

The horror movie rule of not having sex really applies here. Don’t even kiss. Or play strip Monopoly.

I totally knew that I recognized Jack. But because of the dramatic lighting, I didn’t put together that it was Kevin Bacon.

Loved the clenching fists after the head was lopped off. Loved it.

My half-way prediction: I watch all movies with the timer on top, telling me how much time has passed and how much is left. At the half-way point, I decided to predict the ending, sort of.  I guessed how many more would die. At that point, four people had already died in the present day, three in the past. So I was confident that all of the counselors, and Steve, were going to die. I was almost right, because Alice, the sole survivor, almost died.

I really like this one, despite the fact that it scared me.


~ by Alida on 26 June 2009.

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