Movie Review #2: Carrie (Comparing Original and Remake)

So, for this comparison, I watched the remake first.

Music: The older version did a better job of building suspense, but didn’t seem to do so when it was appropriate. The use of the Psycho theme was present throughout the movie, but until the end, the music didn’t make sense ot me.

Gym scene: Ok, this is one thing that I really preferred in one  movie over the other. I didn’t like the way they did this scene in the older version. Sissy Spacek acts as though she is retarded in some way. She’s kind of like Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker.” She doesn’t speak or scream. She just has this look of horror on her face and she mumbles as she reaches out to touch the other girls. In the newer version, she just kind of breaks down in her own world, without interacting with the other girls in the scene.

I liked both endings, but for different reasons. I have trouble with making decisions, so trying to decide between the version where Carrie dies and the one where she lives is difficult. So I compromised. I like the way in which she almost died in the newer one. The whole scene in the bathtub was better in the newer one. But if the drowning had actually killed her, it would have been much better.

I did really like the people being interviewed throughout the new movie. It added a nice touch.

After all of this thinking a discusssion, I am reasonably certain that I liked the newer version better.


~ by Alida on 6 July 2009.

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