Stuff and Things and Whatnot

So, many, many things have happened since I last posted.

I didn’t get hired for the summer job I was kind of counting on at the place to which I have basically dedicated my whole life.

I started taking K and L home three days a week. That’s kind of fun. They’re good kids.

I booked a flight to California this summer, to go to VidCon. My sister is going with me, which will be fun. She and I always have a good time together.

I don’t have health insurance, which is kind of a problem for a few reasons.

And Angela said something that kind of warmed my heart a little. She’s been considering moving now more than ever before, because the custody is becoming less consistent on his part. And when she talked about it, she mentioned that there were four of us. She counted me! I’m always on edge with the whole situation because she’s not obligated to keep me around at all. In fact, our original agreement was for the summer only. That was a year ago. Angela’s an awesome person, and I trust her about as much as I can trust another person anymore. But I can’t shake the feeling that with one false move, it can all go away. Everything happy and hopeful about my life will not exist anymore.

I got my grades a few days ago and because of this semester’s GPA (but actually not my cumulative, which also took a hit), I’m on academic probation. I have like 2 semesters to improve my standing, or I will be “academically dismissed.” I’m hoping not to have that happen. I have a day planner; I have an iPod, a Gmail calendar, and iCal all syncing to each other to help ensure that I plan out a time to do each and every assignment, paper, and test for the fall.

Big day tomorrow: I have to take A and T to school, mail off my textbooks to sell, take a friend to the airport, pick up K and L, take them home, and come back and do whatever for the rest of the day. Never actually shipped a big package before, just received them.

Speaking of packages, I received two yesterday. I got Corndog Hank shirts, one for me and one for T, for his birthday, which actually isn’t until July, but I let him have it now anyway.

I re-arranged my room so that my bed is against a different wall. I like it. It’s more space-efficient. Now, if I ever get a desk, I have a place to put it. My movies don’t fit as well against their current wall, but that’s all right.

I still have to pick classes for the fall. I have two, and I need at least two more.

I got a cell phone. It’s kind of fun to play with, but I don’t use it that much. Mostly, I just text my sister. The kids have been using their’s a lot, particularly A, who has 3 or 4 girls to whom he speaks daily.

I spend most of my day on facebook and watching old shows online. Oh, and I sort legos. The kids agreed to get rid of their legos, so I get to keep the ones that I want, which basically means the regular bricks and the people. The rest are going away to a new home.

If I leave here, I only really have one place I could go, and that’s my grandparents’ house. They live about 17 minutes down the road. I go there every few weeks because I really enjoy my time with them. I do puzzles and watch movies and just chat with them. They were partially responsible for raising me, and I always felt secure and happy at their house. I have so many happy memories at their current home, and even more at the house where they lived before that. I love them. I wish they could be with me forever.

I need a new direction for my life. I still don’t know what I want to do short-term. I need a new major, a new hobby, and a new lease on life. I hate this shit.

I think too much.


~ by Alida on 23 May 2010.

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