More Random Shit About Which No One Cares

50 little secrets. Be honest.
there are 7 missing, but there is a ZERO question…

Zero – From whom was your last text?

One – Where was your profile pic taken?
It’s actually the HPA logo, an attempt to get them votes. Hey, it takes 5 seconds, so if you could go to, that would be awesome.

Two- Your relationship status?
Single, stupidly.

Three – Have you ever lost a close friend?

Four – What is your current mood?
Tired, kind of upset at myself.

Five – What’s your sister(s) names?
Melaura, Norma, Beverly

Six – Where do you wish you were right now?
I can’t think on any place I’d rather be than here.

Seven – Have a crazy side?
Yes. It’s the dominant side.

Eight – person you have feelings for would be?
See question zero.

Nine – What’s something that always happens to you?
I get frustrated. And whenever anything startles me, I get chest pains and stomaches.

Ten – Angry at anyone?

Eleven – What’s stopping you from going for the person you like?
The person I like.

Twelve – When was the last time you cried?
Hmm. Yesterday? I’m not sure. I don’t really remember.

Thirteen – Is there anyone you would do anything for?
Yes. A few people.

Fourteen – What do you think about when you are falling asleep?
Why am I not already asleep? A bunch of things that prolong the awake time.

Fifteen- What were you doing yesterday at 10:00am?
Making sure the kids were ready to go when their dad came to get them.

Someone stole question Sixteen.
Seventeen – Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

Eighteen – What is your favorite song?
Calling You

Nineteen – What are you doing right now?
This. Watching Grey’s Anatomy. Chatting with Sam.

Twenty – Who do you trust right now?
Not many people.

Twenty one – Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
Team Read.

Twenty two and twenty three are also missing. Hmm.

Twenty four – Describe your current life in two words?
Sucks ass.

Twenty five – What are you thinking of right now?
Why my life sucks ass.

Twenty six – What should you be doing right now?

Twenty seven – What are you listening to?
Grey’s Anatomy.

Twenty eight is gone, too. Seriously? Why would someone do that? Just don’t frakking answer them if you don’t want people to know.

Twenty nine – Does it remind you of anyone?
Not really.

Thirty – Do you act differently around the person you like?
If anything, I act differently around everyone else.

Thirty one – What is your natural hair color?

Thirty two – Who was the last person to make you laugh?

Thirty three – Who is the first person you look for when you sign on to msn?
Sam. (Trending answer, it seems. It’s usually because I’m stupid and I need his help with something.)

Thirty four—Maybe I should just start making up my own questions.

Thirty five – Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

Okay, how many questions have been missing so far? Too freaking many.

Thirty eight – Gone skinny dipping in the past week?

Thirty nine – Do you use smiley faces on the computers?
Sometimes. If it says what I need to say better than I can.

Forty – Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?

Forty one – Are you happy with life right now?
Not very.

Forty two – Are you currently jealous?

Forty three – Have you ever gotten your hand stuck in a car door?
Probably. I have 5 siblings. It’s probably been done to me on purpose at some point.

Forty four – What are you doing Friday night?
I’m not sure yet. Probably the same thing I’m doing now.

Forty five – Ever had your heart broken?

Forty six – Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
I don’t know. I doubt it.

Forty seven – Is there anybody you’re really disappointed in right now?

Forty Eight – What are you looking forward to?
Getting my computer back tomorrow, VidCon.

Forty nine – Something bothering you?
Yes. A lot of things bother me, usually things about me, or stupid shit I’ve done.

Fifty- do you like someone?
Yes. See question zero. And this was already asked.


~ by Alida on 24 June 2010.

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