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I’ve thought doing BEDA, and if you look back into the archives, when I started this blog, it was a daily blog. The only problem I have with saying I’m going to BEDA is that the commitment will cause me undue amounts of stress. To remedy this, I’m going to admit that it is very unlikely that I will remember or have the will to blog every day. But I can blog today.  And today, I choose to blog about the amazing television show that I love that had a musical episode last night. For those of you who don’t already know where I’m going with this, it was Grey’s Anatomy. This post will contain major spoilers, so proceed with caution.

So, the episode starts where the previous left off, with Callie and Arizona getting hit by a truck. Arizona has a few scrapes and bruises, but mainly, it was Callie who was the victim in this accident. Throughout the episode, she is struggling to survive, and they are struggling to save her. Anyway, mainly, I just want to gush about the parts I really liked. First of all, the music selection was excellent. It was so awesome, I got on iTunes and bought the album about 10 minutes after I finished watching the episode. And I’ve been listening to it most of today. I was wonderfully surprised at many of the singing voices.

Throughout the song “Breathe (2 AM)”, I couldn’t help but remember what happened on the show in the last episode to feature that song. If you don’t remember, allow me to remind you:

Oddly, that episode was the last time I anticipated an episode so much that wasn’t a premiere or finale.

I loved the role reversal Arizona and Mark experienced where Arizona worries about the baby, because she knows that Callie won’t want to be alive if she wakes up and her baby is dead and Mark is just worried about Callie surviving.

When they are taking Callie into the elevator and the doors close, and Arizona tears up a little and says, “I asked her to marry me and a truck came out of no where.” I teared up a little.

Derek noticing that Arizona is watching from the gallery, but Mark is nowhere to be seen and so he sends Lexie to find him.

Alex comforting Arizona in the gallery. It’s been a while since they’ve had a good scene together.

I had completely forgotten that Addison and Callie were close friends when Addison worked at Seattle Grace.

Meredith resigning that Cristina can be Callie’s daughter’s godmother.

Alex calling the hospital Seattle Grace Mercy Death.

Runnin’ on Sunshine and the conversation in the car in the sky preceding. I love how Callie tells her they’re going to hit a truck and Arizona tells her to put on her seat belt and then proceeds to tell her to put it on 5 or 6 more times.

The duet between Arizona and Callie.

“How to Save a Life” was all amazing, but particularly Mark and Arizona watching from the gallery with Apparition!Callie between them, and Arizona putting her hand on the glass and Apparition!Callie puts her hand on top of Arizona’s. And then the glance and dash between Mark and Arizona as they rush down to the ER for the birth of their daughter. 1lb., 1 oz of strong with beautiful black hair.

The nod between Mark and Arizona and Arizona stepping in to care for her daughter. And then her voice breaking when she says, “I have a heartbeat!”

Mark admitting to Arizona that she’s not nothing, that they are co-parents.

The scene in the elevator between Meredith and Derek was beautiful. The elevator symbolism continues on.

Apparition!Callie shaking Coma!Callie’s hospital bed.

Callie opening her eyes and saying “Yes. Yes, I will marry you.”

Yeah, it took me about 4 hours and 6 tries to finish this blog post. And this is why I don’t blog more often. I’m too distractible. I should go get my laundry out of the dryer. But I should post this first.


~ by Alida on 1 April 2011.

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