Songs to Lose Your Hearing To

So, I warned that all I really wanted to do was gush about the musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy, right?

For the musical episodes, they did one of my favorite songs, “How to Save a Life.” I’m listening to the song right now even. I’m listening to it louder than anyone should listen to music, for fear of damaging their hearing. But I love music. And I find many songs most enjoyable when they are so loud I can’t hear anything else, even the thoughts inside my head. And I will probably lose most or all of my hearing due to this habit, but one of the things I’m working on is not beating myself up over every thing I do that isn’t good for me, because the stress of that is killing me faster than anything else could. I like to turn up a playlist of my favorite songs to top volume and put my earbuds in with noise-cancellers over them. That’s how I enjoy my life.


~ by Alida on 5 April 2011.

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