Back Again

So, I’ve been having a rough couple of days. I was at the library earlier this week, and a friend of mine suggested that my stomachaches (which I get nearly every day now) might be due to lactose intolerance. So, since then, I have eliminated lactose from my diet, so that I can see if the stomachaches go away.

It’s been three days, I think, and I’ve had stomachaches the last two days. And I’m hungry. I never really realized how great a percentage of my daily caloric intake came from lactose-based foods. I’ve had to get a bit creative about what I’ve been eating, but a plus is that I’m actually eating healthier foods, because I figure that while I’m at it, I might try to form some good habits. I have to continue this diet for 18 more days. So not my idea of a good time.


~ by Alida on 15 April 2011.

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