Some Good News and Some Bad News (Updated)

So, the good news first. My sister gave birth to my nephew yesterday morning at 2:30 AM, 6 days before his due date. He is 7 lbs., 5 oz. and is 19 in. long. They didn’t quite make it to the hospital, so he was actually born in the car. After more than 24 hours, they decided on the name Colin Avery. Mom and baby are both doing well. Colin joins big brother Henry, b. Nov. 2008.

And now I must share with you the bad news. Last night, just before 10 PM, a friend of my family was abducted less than a mile from my house. His name is Robert Michael Brookens, but he always went by Mike. He is 17 years old with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears glasses and stands about 6 feet tall. His car with his cell phone in it was discovered around 2 this morning in a local park.

Here and here are links to more information. I have never known a missing person before, and this is not a feeling I wanted ever to experience, nor would I wish this feeling on anyone else.

Mike used to mow our lawn. I have never known him to be unkind to anyone. I’ll continue to update here as I get more information. If you are reading this and share this information, I ask you please to commit to continue the updates until the story is complete, because far too often, people will spread the news that someone has gone missing, but will not update if the person has been found.

ETA: Mike has been found. They found him at a truck stop early this morning, and they said he was okay when they found him.


~ by Alida on 9 June 2011.

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