I Want To Hold Your Hand

I like The Beatles. They were an amazing band, and they made a lot of great music.

That said, they wrote and performed a song called, “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” I love this song. But more than their version, I love the version sung by Chris Colfer, of the cast of Glee. I’ve never actually seen a full episode of Glee, but this song somehow made its way on to my radar. The first time I heard it, and watched the accompanying clip of the show, I cried. It’s such a beautiful song and so well performed.

Here’s the video of the song. It doesn’t include the clip of the show, just the audio

I was thinking about it today, and was reminded of two summers ago. I had a boyfriend. Our relationship, despite the label, was 99% platonic. I think I kissed him only once or twice. Mostly, we held hands. We wandered around one of the departments of the public library just holding hands. And I don’t miss kissing him. I don’t even really miss hugging him. I sometimes miss the label of boyfriend associated with him. But what I miss the most is holding his hand.


~ by Alida on 19 August 2011.

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